The ZipTrak

The Ziptrak®

Ziptrak blinds are patented and track guided system which can be fitted internally and externally. It is designed to glide smoothly, stops within desired height and locks into place. Ziptrak provides privacy, light control, and superior insulation.

The Ziptrak spring-balanced system makes zips, cords, ropes and wires totally redundant. The unobtrusive design subtly integrates into your area and is easy to operate. Each blind is customised to your individual needs to match and complement your space.

Styles and Options

PVC – Clear and tinted PVC made of highest quality Japanese PVC.

Mesh – Strong and durable Sunscreen Mesh with variety of Sunscreen fabrics available to choose from including woven mesh. Transparency and UV Protection depends on the weight and weave density of the mesh.


  • Spring-balanced system
  • Leave at any height
  • Locks into place
  • No crank required
  • Patented System
  • Architectural Integration


  • Potentially reduces your cooling requirements
  • Offers privacy while maintaining the view
  • Reduces heat transmission
  • Offers 70 – 99% Protection against Wind, Rain, Sun and UV Rays.